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"You can't live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you." 

John Wooden




Life changing introductions in seconds, a process that

blows away LinkedIn.



Leaves Calendly in the

dust...no more back

and forth.



Know exactly when

people respond to the


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An introduction process that blows away LinkedIn. We dare you to find another tool that makes introductions faster…nothing comes close. Connecting people is the quickest way to jumpstart your business, and we have perfected the process!

• Use ready made email templates for every circumstance

• Make multiple introductions in seconds

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The outcome of an introduction is a direct reflection on you – never again wonder what happened with an intro you made with real-time tracking:

•Tracks opened emails 

•Tracks proposed times 

•Tracks appointments set



Create quick and precise

scheduling using our patented

scheduling process:

• No more back and forth via

phone and email

• No need to block off large

segments of time like Calendly



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Steve Thomas


Over 27 years experience in Business Development, Sales, Capital, Raising, and Technology Development All-time Sales Leader, Mentor, and Coach Started several companies from concept, through funding, marketing, and sales.

BIZI TEAM-05.png

Joe Kayser


Joe served as Chief Financial Officer, part owner and board member of AIT Worldwide Logistics, he helped propel growth from $100 million to 500 million and expand their operational footprint into 5 new countries. Joe has a strong background in business intelligence.

BIZI TEAM-06.png

Mike Pandl


Senior software marketing executive with expertise in analytics, managing and preforming marketing strategy necessary to rapidly and cost effectively grow prospect lead volumes and sales pipeline, including inbound, outbound and channel strategies,

BIZI TEAM-07.png

Mike Norton


Senior Technologist with diverse experience implementing database backed web technology solutions, including IOS, Android, Mobile Web, JEE solutions, LAMP stack, Web 2.0 and Web Services SparkPost Atlassian, PBS.

BIZI TEAM-08.png

Randy Rueth


International patent portfolio management, patent validity and infringement analyses, due diligence analyses of patent portfolios, reexamination and opposition practice, and pre-litigation management of patent disputes Mr. Rueth has been named an"IP Star" in Managing IP'S IP Stars Survey.


We’ve always been intrigued by networking…We've seen it done poorly… (and have done it poorly), and have seen it done remarkably well…and it truly can be a thing of beauty. If you think about it, connecting others is one of the most powerful things a business professional will ever do…literally bringing two worlds together...you never know what is going to happen.  Also, an introduction is a direct reflection on you…whether it goes well, or it goes poorly, it reflects back on you.  That is why, we have developed a proprietary introduction process that will save you time, and more importantly help

you manage your network. 

The underlying premise of Bizintro is that people who are “givers” have greater success than those who are not (reference: "Give and Take," by Adam Grant...or "The Go Giver," by Bob Burg), our software automates this process...being a giver has never been so easy.  Here is something to remember:



Imagine meeting someone for the first time, and finding out  they have a daughter who is graduating college with a degree in Marketing. Imagine connecting that person’s daughter with someone you know who owns a marketing company…and the daughter gets hired as a result of your introduction. There is no longer a barrier of mistrust, there is now a gaping hole of gratitude that the person wants to fill.

Our focus on giving also applies to us as a company…we will give our product to those who are the ultimate givers, our military Veterans. I could never say enough here to convey our gratitude.  We would also like to give our service to those who are in transition. It can be extremely difficult to navigate when losing a job…we want to make it easier…and help you land quickly (so you can afford to pay for our service ;-).  So when you pay for your service, know that a part of that will be going to help these folks.

Our goal is to create a community…or better yet, a Universe where everyone gives. Come join our Universe (but only if you want to be a giver)!

Steven Thomas- CEO & Founder

  • The life blood of business is trust.

  • The default setting for those who do not know each other is mistrust. 

  • The quickest way to eliminate mistrust is to help someone.