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I Need Help!

How many of us have encountered people in our business life (and personal) who are really struggling right now. So many people have succumbed to the ethos of this current generation which has become devoid of hope...or at least "hope challenged." The beautiful thing about humanity though is, we can always change, there can always be something that can change the

trajectory of our lives. Our platform, as simple as it is, can make a great impact on people's lives. Connecting other people is a selfless adventure that can produce tremendous fruit. Try it sometime...make a conscious effort the next time you come across someone who is in the throws of some type of dilemma or struggle. Find someone to connect them to, in order to take them outside of themselves. Psychologists claim the quickest way to exit or diminish depression is by helping someone else. Business connoisseurs', like Adam Grant, author of the book "Give and Take", has found that those who focus on helping others can bring about positive results in their business life. The medical community has done studies to show that giving brings restoration in health with greater motivation, increased happiness, decrease in stress levels, yada, yada. So, with all of these positive factors why wait...why not make this an essential part of our daily "plan of life." Bizintro is a simple app that makes making introductions very easy. It also allows you to see the progress (or lack of progress) of your introduction....did they open their email, did they set an appointment, all of that...and, there is a pretty easy to use scheduling component. A simple app, but the real value is the movement of our platform...we will be inhabited by people who focus on giving...we will be a force in the business community, transforming narcissistic behavior into an acceptable form of "Institutional Cred," building our brand to make people want to be a part of our world. As we take our first infant steps (and we may lose our balance...maybe even fall) we are looking to you, to be the tip of the spear in this cultural phenomena. Help us be a force of light that will obliterate the darkness. People need you...we all need each other...we can't do it alone.

As the Founder of Bizintro, I look forward to sharing many, about how when we started Bizintro we were in bankruptcy...we had nothing (actually we were in the negative), but a dream and vision that some things can transcend our current state (poverty), and with hope, perseverance, and fortitude (look it up), we can do all things! We have stories from our users who share how they were on their last leg, and how a "chance" meeting with someone changed the trajectory of their life. We look forward to hearing your story as well, and growing together as we reach new heights, and boldly go where few dare to go these days...outside their front door.

It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.” LOTR

Steven Thomas can be found on LinkedIn: will be launching (again) soon!

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