• Steve Thomas

Let's Do This Thing!

Wow, you have all been EXTREMELY patient as we have navigated through the twists and turns of creating a product (with your help) that will hopefully bring a lot of value...and our hope, that will forge a community/movement of givers. It isn't just about creating a neat "gadget" or app...but, really about creating a culture of giving, where we, in a sense, challenge each other toward greatness. Okay, maybe it sounds a little dramatic, but, we really are inspired by many of you, and want to share that goodness that we see.

We will be reaching out on a regular basis to get your feedback...this product is for you, so we want to make sure we LISTEN, and apply what we hear to the product. We will be launching a very simple beta product, really the core, which is all about connecting people through thoughtful, efficient introductions. From there we will go in various directions (geo-location, machine learning, and a type of simple CRM that we refer to as name a few), but the goal is to create a product that doesn't currently exist to make all of our lives a little bit better.

So, as the title says, let's do this thing, and let's have some fun. I want to offer you my most sincere thanks...I truly wish you all the very best...and if I can ever be helpful (in anything, not just business) let me know.



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